BLOG ARTICLE: 17/01/2022

BCC Five-Year Energy & Emissions Strategy


BCC Five-Year Energy & Emissions Strategy

The British Ceramic Confederation (BCC) has set out its five-year Energy & Emissions Strategy, developed in conjunction with the BCC Energy & Emissions Committee. This has now been shared with members, outlining:

  • Upcoming priority work areas
  • Engagement opportunities
  • Specific energy & emissions achievements in 2021 and aims for 2022

BCC Industrial & Environmental Policy Manager Lee Brownsword said: “The energy and emissions policy landscape, and how this is implemented, is critical to the UK ceramic sector and all member companies.

“Through this Strategy, the BCC aims to help members better engage, understand complex issues and upcoming changes; supporting our industry’s continued collaboration and response to growing challenges driven through the UK’s net zero 2050 ambition.”

Please contact Lee for further information and also see our Net zero webpage.