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Through continuous technological, scientific and innovative advances the Ceramics Industry is making an immense impact on our everyday lives.

But successful production is only part of the whole story. The industry needs the skills of scientists, technicians, engineers and production managers. It also needs the back-up of a whole range of other skills and research, design, sales, marketing and support services which all have a vital role to play in our industry.

While the impact of ceramics is perhaps more obviously seen in familiar products around our homes, there are other products, particularly on the industrial side, which today are also being made from ceramics because of the very special properties which the material possesses.

These technological developments promise an exciting future for the ceramics industry.

This country has long been famous for its fine china producers and these organisations, whose names command worldwide respect, take great pride in the grace and beauty of their ceramic gift and tableware.

In the home

But these are only part of the domestic market. Study any building and you will find other examples

  • bricks, roofing tiles, chimney pots, wall and floor tiles, sanitaryware and, below ground, clay pipes
  • all products of the Ceramic Industry are all playing a major role in our environment.

In Industry

With their unique properties of wear and heat resistance, strength and insulation ceramics are found in a wide variety of applications throughout industry. In addition to their use as refractories in linings for furnaces and boilers, more advanced ceramics have been developed and these are now being used in a whole range of high-tech products including computers, jet engines, lasers, x-ray equipment, radar, thermal imaging devices and artificial joints. These new ceramic materials are in the forefront of a revolution which could transform the whole future manufacturing industry just as steel did in the last century and plastics done in this.

Above all, our products constantly have to meet new standards and challenges and we are proud that ceramics continue to play an important role in the advancement of modern scientific and engineering technology all over the world.

Throughout this whole manufacturing process the industry prides itself upon its responsible approach to the environmental and social impact of its activities. We spend vast amounts each year in such areas as site landscaping, energy efficient plant, exhaust purification and the recycling of heat and waste.

Page last updated: 04/01/18

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