BLOG ARTICLE: 21/08/2020

EY Foundation Stoke Employability Initiative


The EY Foundation is planning to run its second employability programme in Stoke from October this year.

The national scheme aims to raise the aspirations, skills and confidence of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The success of the programme is contingent on employers and young people coming together and they have found it has a positive impact on both groups.

This time around they are reaching out to try and find around 10 Stoke employers to help us give a group of 20 young people from Stoke the chance of an inspirational introduction to the world of work. Please consider whether you could get involved by offering:

  • Business experience placements –hosting young people on a work placement for 5 days, 15th – 19th February 2021
  • Mentors (this will be able to be undertaken virtually) – each young person will need a mentor and although they have a national pool of mentors, they would love as many to be from local employers as possible. This will be for 1 hour every two weeks, October 2020 – February 2021
  • Financial support – There is no cost for employers to get involved in this year’s Stoke programme. However like most charities they are reliant of voluntary income and whilst they have secured funding towards the programme, they are still looking to bridge a shortfall. One of the key facets of their programme is that young people are paid for taking on their work placement. They believe that this creates a mutual value exchange between young person and employer, as well as making the programme accessible to young people from lower-income backgrounds. This salary is £576 per young person taking part, so any donation you could contribute would be welcome – the suggested donation is £300-576 per young person supported.

Further information on the EY Foundation and the programme, as well as some further details of what it means to be a work placement host and a mentor, are below.

EY Foundation introduction 23 July

Smart Futures Stoke – volunteer roles overview

Staffordshire Chambers and the EY Foundation will be hosting a webinar on September 17 from 12:30 – 13:30 for any members interested in getting involved in this exciting programme. To register please contact

These are really rewarding volunteering opportunities, as well as being a great, supported, way to offer a young person a quality employment experience.

For further information contact