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The Climate Change Levy (CCL) is applied to all non-domestic energy bills and effectively taxes businesses on their energy consumption and its associated environmental effects.  By participating in a Climate Change Agreement (CCA), businesses in certain sectors may pay a reduced rate of CCL (currently 90% on electricity and 65% on fuels) in exchange for meeting tough energy efficiency or carbon abatement targets that were agreed with the Government in December 2012.  BCC also successfully led calls for the Government to introduce a full exemption from the Climate Change Levy for the energy used in mineralogical processes.  The new mineralogical process exemption, which came into effect in April 2014, benefits the majority of ceramic manufacturers.  BCC can also provide help and assistance for groups containing ceramic manufacturing operations that are caught by the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

In addition to helping ensure that members remain compliant, BCC actively monitors and provides input into Government's policy developments in these areas.  Information is disseminated through a comprehensive series of updates and BCC acts as a constantly available point of contact for all questions relating to Climate Change Levy (including: Climate Change Agreements, the Mineralogical Process Exemption, the EU Energy Taxation Directive, claiming CCL discount from HMRC and any auditing that you may be subject to from HMRC or the Environment Agency) and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.  BCC is recognised by regulators as the leading contact for the ceramics industry.

This section contains the BCC CCL Issue series and a collection of associated CCL-related documents. For older issues / documents, please visit the archive copy of our pre-2011 site.

For further information, please contact Andrew McDermott.

CCL, CCA and CRC Special Documents

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