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Benevolent Fund

The Institute of Clayworkers is the oldest national organisation within the British ceramic industry.  It was founded in 1895 for the purpose of protecting the interests of clayworking generally and organising the social and business side of the industry. Today, benevolence, welfare and education remain the Institute’s basic objects. The Institute has a legacy fund which is available to provide grants to current or former workers in the clay industries and it is the administration of this fund that is the major role of the Institute of Clayworkers today.

We would therefore like to highlight that the Institute of Clayworkers Benevolent Fund remains open to applications for financial assistance from employees, past and present, of companies engaged in the production of heavy clay and refractory goods (bricks, roof tiles, pipes, and refractories).  Beneficiaries are typically those who through ill health or accident have been unable to work for some time and who have suffered financial difficulties in consequence. Pensioners from within the industry who are in financial difficulty may also be eligible.

The Institute is keen to hear from potential candidates for assistance and companies are asked to give consideration to any persons that may be eligible and put them in touch with the Institute.

An application form is below, or alternatively contact: Helen Clarke, The Institute of Clayworkers, c/o British Ceramic Confederation, Federation House, Station Road, Stoke-on-Trent,  ST4 2SA.

Long Service Awards

In addition to its benevolent activities, the Institute also recognises long service.  Employees completing 40 years continuous service within the heavy clay and refractories industries are eligible to receive a long service silver medal, with the option to receive an additional award of the “Final Years’ Service” bar for service worked over and above the 40 years up until retirement.  These awards are available at a cost and can be purchased direct from the Institute.

If any member has an employee who may fall within this category and they would like to recognise their long service, then please contact Helen Clarke for further information.

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