Minerals Planning & Regulation

Minerals, and clay in particular, are the basic raw material for all sectors of the industry. A secure long-term supply is essential. For the sectors which extract their own clay, supply is dependent on a favourable minerals planning regime both nationally and locally.  The interaction between planning law and environmental regulation governing minerals extraction is complex and subtle and the BCC negotiates with government and regulators to ensure legislation is proportionate to the industry's impact.  Guidance and advice issued to members aims to address practical problems and assist them in achieving and maintaining full compliance with all requirements. The BCC works in close co-operation with other industries where appropriate in this specialist area to ensure that the industry’s interest and requirements are fully recognised in policy, legislation and guidance at every level.  As demand for minerals world-wide increases and the drive towards resource efficiency intensifies, European intervention in policy determination can reasonably be expected, therefore the BCC also works closely with Cerame-Unie to represent the industry in Europe.

The ceramics sector is a relatively small part of the total UK minerals industry, but its requirements are sector specific and differ in many ways from those of other more prominent minerals. It is therefore important that the sector differentiates itself from others and that its voice is clearly heard.

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