BLOG ARTICLE: 14/08/2020

New Customs Declaration Service for Members


New Customs Declaration Service for Members

The British Ceramic Confederation (BCC) has partnered with the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce to offer our members across the UK a service for Customs Declarations which will be delivered through Chamber Customs. BCC members will receive the same rates as members of the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce.

From 01 January 2021 companies who trade with the European Union (EU) will be required to make customs declarations to move goods in and out of the EU. In the Government’s own words “completing a customs declaration is complicated and you may need software, so you may want to get someone to deal with customs for you.”

Chamber Customs is a new Customs Declarations Service that will be delivered by Chambers of Commerce to every region of the United Kingdom. In a post-Brexit Britain, the service will offer businesses much-needed assurance that goods being imported or exported will pass through borders unhindered, be subject to the correct duty and charges, and reach their destination in good time. Traders will have access to an HMRC compliant service, which will provide partner companies with peace of mind. With direct links to the HMRC Customs handling system and all inventory linked ports, Chamber Customs can ensure that your goods, no matter where they
enter or leave the UK, will be cleared for onward transportation smoothly and swiftly.

For more information on the new Customs Declarations service view the Customs Declaration Service BCC guide.