NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Grindco 464 plans to expand

Grindco 464 is the leading European manufacturer of ceramics components specifically designed to fit bathroom and kitchen brassware and faucets.

Commercial Director James Hammond said the company is poised for expansion.

“We are well known for our exceptional high-quality, bespoke precision products, and we pride ourselves on the ability to test each product before it leaves our factory.

“The company developed from combining Grosvenor Ceramics Hardware Ltd and Top Knobs Ltd, one producing unique ceramic components for industries, while the other specialised in ceramic door handles and furniture.

“As trends changed, we’ve relied on our extensive range of manufacturing capabilities, and our skilled workforce to explore new markets. We have 11 people in the company, and at the beginning of 2017 we moved to larger premises in Woodhouse Street, Stoke, to increase production and grow our workforce.

“Grindco 464 is currently focused on expanding its international presence by exporting worldwide.

“We’re open minded to new opportunities and markets. We’re also passionate about building and preserving the UK ceramics industry by working closely with UK suppliers, passing on skills and knowledge, and reducing our environmental impact.  

“I heard about the British Ceramics Confederation through networking with other suppliers and manufactures in the industry.

“As we expand, we feel it is imperative to stay up to date with current policies and procedures. The British Ceramics Confederation creates a safe platform for businesses, regardless of their background in the ceramic industry, to share their opinions and pass on information.”

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