BLOG ARTICLE: 20/04/2022

Phase 5 launch reinforces Pledge commitment to improving health & safety


Phase 5 launch reinforces Pledge commitment to improving health & safety

For more than 20 years the Pledge initiative has proved to be a successful catalyst in bringing ceramic companies together to strive for better health and safety standards.

The sharing of best practice, networking, and recognition of a job well done continue to be the mainstays of this valued scheme.

And this year is no different as a renewed commitment to that original pledge is made with the launch of Phase 5, which will run until 2025.

British Ceramic Confederation Safety, Health & Environment Director Lauren Darby said: “We are delighted to launch Phase 5. For two decades, businesses have embraced Pledge’s ethos resulting in tangible results to improve health and safety.

“We are now encouraging companies to sign up once again as certificates will be sent out to members as they reaffirm their Pledge commitment.”

In 2000, the Government published a Strategy Statement which introduced for the first time in health and safety the challenge of targets, calling on sectors to work collectively to meet that challenge.

In response, the BCC worked with the support of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), trade unions and the industry to establish the Ceramic Industry Health and Safety Pledge, led by its Pledge Board.

Over the years, the Pledge Strategy has set out the specific priorities and actions to be carried out to achieve the vision through various Phases.

The aim of Phase 4 was to work with members and other stakeholders to demonstrate leadership, promote good health and safety practice, help companies improve, and to share and celebrate success across the whole of the ceramics sector.

These principles have not changed, and Phase 5 will continue to improve the health, safety, and wellbeing of the ceramics sector, ensuring it is a safe place to work.

Phase 5 will build on previous phases of the Pledge and engage with industry and other stakeholders. It will identify KPIs to measure health and safety performance and deliver a clear work plan. Priority workstreams identified, include leadership, monitoring and reporting, occupational health and wellbeing, environment and equipment, and risk management.

Delivery of the scheme includes industry support, the BCC Health & Safety Committee, which provides a forum for members to network as well as share and develop best practice, working groups, training courses and the annual Pledge Conference, which features expert speakers and awards which are presented in recognition of health and safety work. This year the Conference takes place on October 13.

Find out more about Pledge Phase 5 here.