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PRESS RELEASE: Ceramic sector responds to climate change recommendations


PRESS RELEASE: Ceramic sector responds to climate change recommendations

Industry and Government collaboration will play a critical role in achieving a low carbon future.

The Committee for Climate Change is, today, leading the way with a new target recommendation for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

This report amounts to an overhaul of the UK economy and society, as we aim to decarbonise.

As an energy-intensive sector, ceramic manufacturers welcome the decarbonisation aim and want to work with Government to achieve this, whilst retaining our international competitiveness.

Laura Cohen, Chief Executive of the British Ceramic Confederation, said: “We’re specifically keen to engage on electrification of heat, hydrogen, the increased deployment of proven technologies and the development of innovative new solutions to further reduce our carbon intensity.

“Industry leaders want to be closely involved in working with Government to make sure these changes take place.

“Consultation with energy intensive users like ceramic manufacturers is a critical step, and the report recognises the implementation must be carried out ‘in ways that do not adversely affect competitiveness’.”

The potential costs for industry are significant, and clear national policy is needed to meet the challenges ahead, to guard against offshoring of jobs, investments and emissions.

Laura added: “We are concerned, as we decarbonise, more goods bought and used in the UK are now being produced overseas, predominantly from non-EU countries.

“This greater dependence on imported products, demonstrates offshoring of emissions from UK to non-EU countries, and this needs to be acknowledged as a global responsibility which requires an international solution.

“We welcome the consideration of border tax adjustment mechanisms, however there are specific concerns with ceramic manufacturing as the vast range of heterogeneous products and divergence in production methods makes comparison difficult.

“So it is imperative for Government and our industry leaders to collaborate in meeting this shared challenge, without outsourcing emission reductions to other countries.”



Notes to editors

The British Ceramic Confederation is the trade association for the UK ceramic manufacturing industry, representing the common and collective interests of all sectors of the industry. Its member companies cover the full spectrum of ceramic manufacturing, including the supply of materials, and comprise over 90% of the industry’s manufacturing capacity.


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